Cello Repair

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Cellos Repairs:
  • Tuning pegs-new [$100/set, $30/each]: Peg box and pegs are shaped and lubricated to fit properly for smooth operation and ease of tuning.
  • Tuning pegs-maintenance [$40-$50/set, $10-$15/each];
  • Existing sound posts adjustment for best tonal properties and sound.[$30]
  • New sound post using hand selected aged spruce.[$75]
  • Bridges are hand carved, fitted, tuned and adjusted to obtain proper action feel and playability.[$150] Special orders extra.
  • Structural Repairs, cracks[$15/in], separated seams(top, back, & sides)[$5/in.$25 min], broken peg box, fingerboard. All work done using hide glue.
  • Neck reglue with minimal touchup [$150].
  • Bow Rehair [$85].
  • Bow Tip Repair: replace bone tip of bow head [$85].
  • Top/Back remove/reglue [$300]
  • Other cello lutherie is also available.[$75/hr]
  • Minimum Labor Charge  is $25


Our violin/cello and guitar shop provides Brooklyn pickup and delivery upon request. Shipping outside of Brooklyn is extra! We do our violin/cello repairs as well as guitar repairs in house by trained luthiers.
Special consideration given to schools, music teachers, music stores and community centers.
We are an official vendor for NYC Department of Education.

For more information, please call us at (347)762-2649.