DB-Bass Repair

Call us at (347)762-2649 and come in for great service on your double bass (contrabass/upright bass) !

Bass Repairs:
  • Tuning pegs-new [Parts + Labor]: Peg maintenance for smooth operation and ease of tuning.
  • Existing sound posts adjustment for best tonal properties and sound.[$35-$50]
  • New sound post using hand selected aged spruce.[$150]
  • Bridges are hand carved, one piece maple, fitted, tuned and adjusted to obtain proper action feel and playability.[$400] Special orders extra.
  • Structural Repairs, cracks[$15/in], separated seams(top, back, & sides)[$5/in.$25 min], broken peg box, fingerboard. All work done using hide glue.
  • Broken Scroll/PegBox/Neck Repair with minimal touchup [$350+].
  • Bow Rehair [$100].
  • Bow Tip Repair: replace bone tip of bow head [$125].
  • Other lutherie is also available.[$75/hr]
  • Minimum Labor Charge  is $25

Special consideration given to schools, music teachers, music stores and community centers. 
We are an official vendor for NYC Department of Education.

For more information, please call us at (347)762-2649.